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Half Buck Will Be Back Soon!

Early December we will have new deals!
What Happened?

The loss of a team member and friend.

Unfortunately we lost a great man and friend recently. Alan Moir was our “mechanic” here at Murphy Broadcasting and handled the tasks of 3 people and one of those tasks was handling everything Half Buck Cafe. He will be missed greatly and we will never be able to replace his excellent work ethic and most of all his friendship.

This one is for Alan!

Now, listen to Alan’s favorite band:

Alan’s Eulogy From Rick Murphy:

It’s hard to imagine that there could be much to say about a man as private as Alan. He kept to himself and appeared to despise being a burden or making a big fuss. Sticking to a schedule was like a religion for Alan. His workspace, immediately next to my messy office, was immaculate; his work ethic was unparalleled; and his demeanor was cheery and pleasant every day,.. without fail. He was just about the most dependable human being I have ever met.

I met Alan almost 10 years ago when he was hired on at one of my software companies as a customer service representative. I immediately recognized his almost inhuman level of calm with irate customers and his superb attention to detail. He eventually began training all of our new customers and I would receive reports of his melodic voice and his tangible kindness and patience.

Throughout the course of ten years, I watched Alan grow professionally until he was finally promoted to Vice President of Operations and Station Manager of my entire company in August of 2016.

Everything Alan touched, he improved. Because of his impeccable taste and meticulous work, I told him that I could finally listen to my own radio stations again without cringing. Every morning, Alan and I would meet with the rest of the executive team to discuss the day. Alan was always prepared and evidenced the highest level of commitment to the well-being of the company and its people. He cared deeply.

Despite his polite demeanor, Alan always let me know when he disagreed with something that was done or said, especially my conservative rants.. He was highly intelligent, immensely kind, effectively communicative, and extremely loyal. His polished personality was augmented by his love of knowledge – especially music, except for my opera music! My children used to joke that Alan listened to bands before they even existed.

I hate that I am standing up here right now, saying this now. I wish I would have told him everything when he was alive. I wish I would have told him that he was one of the best employees I’ve had in 50 years. I wish I would have told him…

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