Hava Smash

$80.00 $40.00

Experience the Demolition Duo at Hava Smash in Lake Havasu City! $80.00 Value for only $40.00. Demolition Duo involves 1-2 people for 20 minutes of SMASH TIME! Including 12 small items, 12 medium items, 2 large items and 1 hefty item to SMASH. Sledge hammer, and a bat or crowbar included in package. Specialty weapons and add ons EXTRA. May be used towards a higher package.

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Hava Smash is Lake Havasu City’s first recreational rage room. Hava Smash provides a safe and therapeutic release for any destructive need or just for fun. Come experience a smashing new way to release in a judgement free zone. Let’s have a smashing time!